How To Avoid Your Aircraft C Check Blues

Your aircraft C check is a big project. To most it may seem planned and straightforward but you and I know that's far different from reality. Aircraft C Check

It's not just a scheduled maintenance check. It's a group of planned undertakings that involve multiple parties, departments and partners depending on what strategy you've adopted.

While your aircraft undergoes it's C check there are many things running through your mind and just as many decisions to be made.

Who's responsible for the project? Are certain activities outsourced or is everything being accomplished internally? What about component support? Do you let the MRO supply components at inflated prices or do you supply your own? Are there contingency plans in place?

Most of these questions should be answered prior to the aircraft arriving at the maintenance hangar but it's always good to review and see what areas are causing problems.

Nothing ever goes to plan. Here are few tips to avoid aircraft C check problems:

Decision Making

Set roles and boundaries: By setting roles and boundaries, internally or externally, accountability can be achieved. This doesn't mean job descriptions, this means a collaborative effort for specific projects. Dedicate one person as the team lead.

Minimize decision making: Delegate all tasks that aren't a part of your core function and eliminate wasteful time spent on decision making to someone else.

Use a project management system: By using a project management system you can collaborate internally and with your partners in one easy interface. You'll be able to see what's getting done, where you're behind and who's taking on what role all in one place. This is also a great way to collaborate with your MROs and support partners.

Create a work flow diagram: By creating a work flow diagram you'll see what's supposed to be done at every stage of the aircraft C check process. Nothing will be overlooked.

Maintenance Support:

Utilize a component support partner: By utilizing a component support partner you'll avoid the costly inflation and labor costs MROs put on components. Your component support partner will take this specific role off your MRO, or you, and streamline the process.

Stream line logistics: A lot of money is spent shipping components from many different vendors from around the world. If you choose to use an aircraft C check component support partner, everything will be consolidated from one facility.

Maintain cost integrity: Don't let component parts inflate beyond a reasonable point, otherwise you're spending more money than necessary. Your component support partner will be able to manage this for you.

Establish trust: When dealing with anybody, make sure trust is established. The more you have trust in someone, the more you can delegate to them.

Your aircraft C check can be a stressful endeavor. Once you streamline processes, outsource specific tasks to trusted partners and avoid inflated mark-ups the less stressed you'll be.

With support you can achieve a reasonable amount of sanity.

What issues do you encounter with your aircraft C checks?